About The NCCP Program

In Canada, coach education and training is guided by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC). Under CAC supervision, each National Sport Organization (NSO) develops coach education that best matches the needs of both athletes and coaches.

The NCCP is competency based which means the educational experiences are interactive and involve more than rote information (what you know). They also focus on the “how” of coaching and the implementation of your knowledge (what you can DO with what you know). A significant focus of the new NCCP is accessing coaches’ prior knowledge and engaging their expertise in dialogue, practice, and interaction. In this way, even experienced coaches with an extensive knowledge base can glean important skills, networking, and self-evaluation opportunities through the NCCP process.

There are two primary coaching education streams within the Triathlon NCCP program – Community Sport and Competition. These streams reflect the level and focus of athletes that coaches work with in the streams.

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NCCP Coaching Courses and Programs