Draft Legal Provincial Championships Open for Registration

Prize money increased for Elites/U23

February 28, 2014 – Triathlon Ontario announced today that registration for its 2014 Draft Legal Provincial Championships, being held in Ottawa at Mooney’s Bay on August 2. The Provincial Championships will include Elites and U23 athletes battling it out for an increased prize purse, a Junior Developmental race and a U15 race.

Participants can register via Events Online at:

https://secure.eventsonline.ca/events/nationalcapital_tri_ont/ and must be Triathlon Ontario members (or members of their home PGB if not an Ontario resident) at the time of the race as well as draft legal certified by Triathlon Ontario (or by their home PGB if not an Ontario resident). Athletes from other Provinces/countries are welcome but will not be eligible for the Provincial Champion title.

Prize Money

The prize money available has been increased this year from last year. The Elites/U23 men and women will each be competing for a$400 cash prize (up from $300) for first place, second place will receive $250 (up from $200) and third place will receive $150 (up from $100). Athletes from other Provinces and countries will be eligible for the cash prizes but not for the Provincial Champion title.

Ontario Youth Cup

Once again the U15 Draft Legal Provincial Championships will play an integral part of the Ontario Youth Cup Series with additional points to be available. Triathlon Ontario has tentatively selected four additional races to be a part of the 2014 edition, expanding the Series from four races last year to five this year. The races and dates were selected in part , to avoid as best as possible, any conflicts with Triathlon Canada’ s National Junior Series. Also new for this year is the expansion of the Youth Cup to include the 12-13 age group. The new age group will tentatively consist of four races.

More details about this year’s edition of the Ontario Youth Cup will be forthcoming in a special announcement once all of the race details are finalized and registration is open for all of the races within the Series.