09 Feb. 20/Huntsville

TriMuskoka Indoor Triathlon Winter Classic – Race 1



09 Feb. 20 Morning

TriMuskoka Indoor Triathlon Winter Classic – Race 1


As a way of inspiring and engaging our local community in physical activity, and a sport that is so central to our region, TriMuskoka will be hosting the 2nd Winter Indoor Triathlon Classic that promises to be as much fun as it will be challenging for individuals of all abilities.

The three legs of the Winter Classic are short enough that people will be able to complete the race and be just long enough that participants will be proud of their accomplishments.  Think of this event as that much needed mid-winter carrot to keep yourself active over the course of the winter, so that when spring rolls around, you are rip roaring ready to go for what activities lie ahead of you.

Similar to our TriMuskokan Short Course Triathlon and Try-a-Tri, the focus is on creating a fun and memorable event experience that provides participants with a challenge, and will leave them with a tremendous sense of accomplishment when they are done.?