Training Guidelines Reminder


– Triathlon Ontario Issues Reminder of Current Guidelines for Sanctioned Events and Training –


June 2, 2020 – Triathlon Ontario, the recognized Provincial governing body of Multisport in Ontario, would like to remind all sanctioned clubs, coaches, members etc. about the current training guidelines in effect.

In accordance with provincial law, no gatherings of more than five people are permitted. If any group, club, or coach organizes a gathering of more than five people at a time, they are breaking the law and are personally liable for any situation that may arise as a result.

Triathlon Ontario will not sanction, nor will it promote any activity that is contrary to provincial law or current public health guidelines. Therefore, member’s liability and sport accident insurance will not apply to any unsanctioned activities. When participating in unsanctioned training activities, members and organizers do so at their own risk and no claim resulting from an incident occurring at said training activity will be processed.

Triathlon Ontario will communicate to the membership when the provincial laws and guidelines have changed.

As a reminder, all sanctioned clubs are required to submit sanctioning documents pertaining to their workout schedules to ensure that they are compliant with Triathlon Ontario policies and that all participants are adequately protected. Please email [email protected] for more information if unsure about how to sanction club workouts.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.



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