Updated Return to Sport Guidelines for Club Workouts

Guidelines for Clubs, Coaches, and Members on the Current State of Return To Sport

The past few months have been difficult for all our stakeholders. Now that the province is starting to open up for business, Triathlon Ontario has the following guidance for sanctioned clubs who are looking to run club workouts while complying with the the various restrictions relating to COVID-19.
Clubs may run workouts, and previously-issued sanctions remain in effect so long as both COVID-related emergency orders and the usual sanctioning requirements are followed.
Please note that restrictions may be put in place by multiple agencies, they change often, and they may vary by region. It’s important to check the latest updates, including provincial emergency orders, public health orders, and restrictions put in place by venues and municipalities. Some links are provided at the end of this email, and staff are available to answer questions.
Following the below will satisfy the current known requirements for outdoor workouts.
  • No more than 10 people. This includes the coach, any support personnel, all athletes, and parents/guardians. We get a lot of questions about this point.
    • It’s the total size of the gathering, so 4 groups of 10 is 40: not allowed.
    • Staggered workouts can work if the first group is completely gone by the time the second arrives – however if people hang in the parking lot, all use the same washroom, or one group catches another, that’s a problem.
    • No spectators except one parent or guardian for athletes under 18. Spectators count towards the total.
  • Everyone’s socially distanced. With the exception of people in the same household or “bubble,” everyone must maintain 2 metres distance.
    • If there’s a serious injury, provide necessary assistance while taking reasonable precautions. As with first aid and lifeguarding, rendering reasonable aid within your training and experience will not subject one to liability.
  • Everyone’s a member. For the workout to be sanctioned, everyone participating must be an annual Triathlon Ontario member, a one-day member, or trying your club for the first time.
  • Sanction your Club. If your club hasn’t done the paperwork for 2020, you can do so here.
  • Sanction your workout. (If you haven’t already.) Workouts already sanctioned are still so and don’t need to be redone. Workout sanction requests are done through an easy online form. You can sanction multiple workouts on one form. Find the form here.
  • Waivers. Everyone participating must sign the TO 2020 waiver. Current TO annual members already have. To check that members are current, use this link. Ensure one-day members and those trying a workout sign a waiver before they participate. Electronic signing through CCN is fine. Scan paper waivers and email them to TO.
  • Records. Just as normal, keep track of who attended your workout – it may be needed for more than just membership checks!
  • Safety briefing. Brief your athletes for sport safety just as you normally would. Add to this during the COVID era reasonable precautions that apply to your workout, such as: distancing, staying away if symptomatic, not sharing equipment, avoiding other groups, parking, washrooms, sanitation, etc. Put safety points on any website or social media pages.
  • Disclaimer. Ensure your athletes are aware that communicable diseases are not covered. This has always been the case, but the insurers are understandably requiring that this particular point be made at every opportunity. Put this point on any website or social media pages.
  • EAP. All workouts require an Emergency Action Plan. Please ensure these are up-to-date and in place. Everyone should know where the EAP is and what to do with it. Plan what to do if there’s an injury and add this to your EAP. How will you respond to an injury during COVID? Do you have protective gear (masks) in your first-aid kit?
  • Venue requirements. Please follow the requirements of the venue you’re using.
  • Sport safety. As for all workouts, ensure your workout is safe for your athletes, yourself, and the public.
Some regions allow certain indoor workouts, rental of space if distancing can be maintained, etc. Please contact TO for more information.
Some jurisdictions are requiring mask use for indoor commercial areas. (Currently Guelph, Wellington, and Dufferin.) Please check your area as these orders can be issued at any time.
Day camps are an option starting in July. Essentially, the province is allowing day camps to run multiple cohorts of 10 and easing distancing requirements within cohorts, however there are significant additional safety procedures required. Please contact TO for more info if you’re interested in running day camps.
Virtual events are sanctionable, both virtual races and virtual workouts. Contact staff for further info on running virtual events.
More Info:
Athletes that are participating in sanctioned club workouts must be members of Triathlon Ontario.  The club discounted membership is $44.00, Triathlon Canada has waived their fee for 2020 ($15.00).  Athletes interested in joining your club workouts should use the CCN links you were sent to register their 2020 TO membership with your club.
  • Support the growth and development of Multisport in a safe, fun, and fair way
  • Contribute to programming for Youth, Junior, High Performance, Paratriathlon, and Age Groupers
  • $5M Liability and $50K Sport Accident insurance at all Triathlon Ontario sanctioned events
  • Annual subscription to Triathlon Magazine Canada
  • Discounts on all Triathlon Ontario clinics and courses
  • 4 quarterly NEW BALANCE 20% discount codes
  • 20% off of all INFINIT Nutrition products
  • Access to Individual Athlete Insurance program extending our Liability and Sport Accident insurance 24/7, worldwide while training
  • Access to bike insurance program – protects against damage and theft at sanctioned races, club workouts and special events
  • Triathlon Canada membership and all of its member benefits

Should you have further questions, please reach out Monday-Thursday, 9:30 – 3:00.

Best wishes, be safe and stay healthy!


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