Triathlon Ontario Launches New Club Wear Program

March 27, 2014 –  Triathlon Ontario announced the launching of its new club wear program today.  Through its partnership with Ian Feldman of Genumark, the program is designed to give clubs – big and small – the opportunity to source an extensive catalogue of club wear options at competitive prices from a trusted source.

Triathlon Ontario understands the value to a club when its members proudly display their club colours either at races, training sessions, or even in casual wear.  There is no doubt that clubs who have members wearing their club colours helps develop a sense of team spirit, increases visibility, thereby attracting more members and offers additional sponsorship and revenue generation opportunities.

While some clubs may already have some sort of customized club wear, often times it’s either limited, expensive and many don’t have any club wear at all.  With the objective of furthering club development across the province, Triathlon Ontario is assisting clubs with the challenges associated with small purchase orders, not knowing where to find competitive prices from a trusted source, or clubs being offered limited options.

Interested clubs can access the catalog of clothing options by clicking here.  For those that would like to place and order, have any questions about any of the products or are interested in something that may not be there, please contact Ian at [email protected] or 416-498-4334.

Best of luck to everyone for the 2014 season and we hope to see you at the Club Championships (new format just announced) at Guelph Lake I June 21/22!